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Never are two interior design projects the same – some rise from a blank canvas, others from a desire to completely restyle and decorate and those that accommodate the ever changing dynamics of family life. But there are many more and this is just one case…

… my heart sang when I first glimpsed site of this outstanding classical Georgian house, nestled within the heart of the South Hams, an area of outstanding beauty.

I had been invited to discuss the way forward after the owners had undertaken major refurbishment which involved the installation of new heating and re-wiring, replacement windows, an updated kitchen and a bathroom or two.


Stepping inside to a beautiful sunny entrance hall where house and garden seamlessly met with an unspoken right of way, I felt drawn by the warmth and maturity of the walls which lay within. I had a tremendous welcome by the charming owners, showing me around as they discussed how they had felt bamboozled by the interior design choices available to them as they embarked on the finer details of bringing their home to life.

It was very clear at this first meeting that this home had depth and character, not only by the pure history of its architectural bearing and the homage that the owners gave to this, but also by collections which lay within. Antiques, artwork and an assortment of beautiful silver and glassware, all with their own story to tell and worthy of being celebrated. This became the very heart of the interior design brief, to make all schemes complement these wonderful objects of interest and the classical Georgian features running throughout this home.

Working alongside my client every step of the way, I helped them make their selections. I put together schemes to complement the period features and their inspiring collections. We discussed them, and discussed them again with samples to feel and see fabric and colour choices, before final schemes were selected and commissioned.


With rooms freshly decorated and window treatments hung to perfection, every wonderful antique, every piece of glass and treasured artwork was put into position, allowing this Georgian house to shine in all its full periodic glory and splendour once again!