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I am sure I am not alone thinking that grey January always seems to be so much longer than any other month of the year – this year being no exception!

Although disruptive, the snowfall at the tail end of January provided some glorious scenery here in Cornwall. Walking Barney in the mornings although rather chilly was beautiful – a glittering white blanket coating the fields and hills afar with towering evergreens providing a contrasting richness of colour.

And now, a few weeks later the Devon hedgerows are full of tiny precious clumps of white and fresh green snowdrops which lift my spirits and bring with them the promise of spring. The milky fragility of these flowers in stark contrast to their striking green foliage often appear in fabrics and in turn inspire my interiors, bringing the outside in. This fresh ‘teapot’ design is a great example, perfect for lifting the spirits in a kitchen blind, just as the snowdrops raise mine.

Stepping back into Cornwall, my home county, I am thrilled that my favourite spring flower is already making an appearance, I am sure it will not be long before the skyline of West Penwith will be full of golden fields of daffodils, simple yet utterly gorgeous flowers. Here at home, my garden is already giving me plenty of joy with an array of yellows from the early flowering daffodils which are beautifully set off by a fabulous Camilla busting into life adding contrast with an abundance of deep pinks.

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Pink and yellow work beautifully together, a combination of these two colours is very popular in France (my favourite holiday destination). Many fabric houses use the form of flowers and fauna to create warm and welcoming textiles, Manuel Canovas, a firm favourite of mine, do this really well – I just adore the uplifting vibe their tulip design creates. Perfect for curtains in a guest room with a sunny aspect with the odd scatter cushion thrown in for good measure.

The spring flower can be used in interiors in other ways too. I just adore this painting I spotted recently in a Cornish gallery which has been added to the never ending wish-list for my new home.

The colours are quite striking – a splattering of pink acting as a backdrop to the yellow tones of the daffodils set against the blues from the jug creating an 80’s vibe which I have been revisiting recently!

Feb Daff Painting.jpg

I am constantly inspired by colour in my work as an interior designer; colour which is all around us -especially the thousands of colour combinations nature provides and there is no better time than the emergence of spring to feel fully inspired. Soon reds and orange will add more depth to the palette of early spring – introducing orange with pink in your interiors, another great French combination, will surround you by warmth and colour until summer sets in!

Frances Healy